Holiday Rock - The Hi-De-Hi Wiki
Hi De Hi character
Nationality English
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Job Yellowcoat
Actor Linda Regan
First Ted At The Helm
Last The Wind Of Change

April worked as a hairdresser prior to joining Maplins in 1960. She is portrayed as a rather childish character, such as wanting either a teddy bear's picnic for her birthday party or going to see Bambi at the cinema. During her time at Maplins she began a relationship with Spike, and eventually decided she would like to marry him and live in a bungalow. Spike also wanted to get married, but did not want to give up being a comic in favour of a steady job, which upset April. She broke up their relationship after Joe Maplin leaked a story that Spike and Gladys were having an affair, but they got back together when this was proved false. Gladys often reprimands April for "mooning after Spike" rather than spending time with the campers. She and Spike were still together at the end of the 1960 season and it is unknown where they went next.