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Hi De Hi character
Gladys Pugh
Nationality Welsh
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age 26/27
Job Chief Yellowcoat / Sports Organiser
Actor Ruth Madoc
First Hey Diddle Diddle
Last The Wind Of Change

Gladys was born in 1933 in Pontypridd, but she spent her youth living in the Rhondda Valley. She joined Maplins Holiday Camp in 1955 and rose through the ranks to become Sports Organiser and later Chief Yellowcoat. She won the competition for being the most popular girl Yellowcoat every year since she joined, until 1959 when she was beaten by Sylvia Garnsey. Upon Jeffrey Fairbrother's arrival at the camp at the start of the 1959 season, she fell passionately in love with him, although he did not reciprocate this. On one occasion, she found herself in a situation where Fairbrother had become drunk unintentionally, and she helped him back to his chalet. The following morning he awoke naked with no memory of the previous night, and found Gladys' bra in his bed. It was left ambiguous as to what actually happened. Gladys disliked all of the other female Yellowcoats, Sylvia Garnsey in particular, who she saw as competition in her fight for Fairbrother's affections. Like Fairbrother, she also disapproved of Ted's schemes to scam the campers, even though she secretly had her own scheme selling reconditioned tennis balls. Gladys was left heartbroken when Fairbrother departed for Wisconsin without telling anyone at the end of the season, but she quickly recovered upon meeting Squadron Leader Clive Dempster, who arrived to take over Fairbrother's job. She immediately became attracted to Clive, and the two had an on-off relationship throughout the 1960 season. She eventually married Clive and moved to Australia with him at the end of the season.