Holiday Rock - The Hi-De-Hi Wiki
Hi De Hi character
Harold Fox
Nationality English
Gender Male
Hair Black
Job General Manager
Actor Gavin Richards
First The Graven Image
Last Spaghetti Galore

Fox was the General Manager of all the Maplins Holiday Camps, usually referred to as ‘The Smiling Viper’, ‘Joe Maplin’s Hatchet-man’ or, in Yvonne's words, "A nasty, common, jumped-up, slimey, little toad". He owned a Jaguar which was chauffeur-driven and he was feared by most of the staff. He believed his power would win him favour with the opposite sex, but in truth most women despised him. He visited the camp on several occasions representing Joe Maplin. Ted visited Fox at Head Office in London at the start of the 1960 season, believing he was going to be given the job as Entertainment Manager following Jeffrey Fairbrother's departure. In truth, Fox had simply called Ted in to give him an outstanding tax bill, and to inform him that Clive Dempster had been given the Entertainment Manager's job. During one of his visits to Crimpton-on-Sea, he took Gladys out to dinner at Tony's Trattoria, but she pretended to be ill and left halfway through so she could go on a date with Clive.