Holiday Rock - The Hi-De-Hi Wiki
Hi De Hi character
Professer Jeffrey Fairbrother
Nationality English
Gender Male
Hair Light Brown
Age 38
Job Entertainment Manager
Actor Simon Cadell
First Hey Diddle Diddle
Last The Epidemic

Jeffrey was born in 1921 to a respectable upper-class family. He was sent away to a boarding school at the age of 7 and later studied Archaeology at King's College, Cambridge, and was then employed in the faculty, eventually becoming a Professor at Cambridge University. He later married Daphne (Claire Oberman), but was separated from her by the time of the pilot episode. By 1959 he had become disillusioned with university life, believing it was making him boring. He resigned from Cambridge and joined Maplins Holiday Camp as Entertainment Manager, hoping it would give him an insight into the lives of everyday people. However, he failed to connect with campers and the entertainment staff, and was exceedingly embarrassed about introducing the kind of toilet humour favoured by Ted Bovis and the campers, one of the most memorable being the 'That's Your Bum' competition. During his time at the camp, he also had to deal with issues outside his job description, such as Gladys' smouldering passion for him and regularly being asked to carry out dishonest acts to further Joe Maplin's business. Being an honest and forthright man, Jeffrey was very uncomfortable with these situations, and regularly went out of his way to stop Ted Bovis' schemes to scam the campers. It was never revealed in what capacity Jeffrey served during the Second World War - throughout the series many of the entertainment staff shared their wartime experiences, but Jeffrey never stated what he did during this time. After the 1959 season ended, he decided to return to academia, and departed Maplins to take the chair in Archaeology at Wisconsin University.