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Hi De Hi character
Joan Wainwright
Nationality English
Gender Female
Job Controller Of Yellowcoats
Actor Cheryl Murray
First All Change
Last All Change

Joan Wainwright was one of Joe Maplin's lovers. She was Sports Organiser at the Camber Sands camp during the 1958 season, and moved into Joe Maplin's house in Hampstead after beginning an affair with him. He promoted her and sent her to the Crimpton-on-Sea camp to act as an overall controller of Yellowcoats during the 1959 season. She was an arrogant and selfish woman who used her association with Joe Maplin to gain promotion and authority. She immediately clashed with Gladys, whom she believed was bad at her job due to her lack of sports qualifications. She took away Gladys' authority and made Tracy Bentwood Chief Yellowcoat and Sports Organiser, causing Gladys to resign. Gladys was saved by Ted, who knew Wainwright from years before when they performed together at 'The Palace' at Attercliffe. Her real name was Beryl Green, and she was assistant to a magician called 'The Great Ming', whom she had an affair with and became pregnant. Ted threatened to reveal her past to Joe Maplin unless she resigned and left the camp