Holiday Rock - The Hi-De-Hi Wiki
Hi De Hi character
Mr Partridge
Nationality English
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Age 74
Job Children's Entertainer
Actor Leslie Dwyer
First Hey Diddle Diddle
Last Hey Diddle Diddle, Who's On The Fiddle?

At the age of 74, Mr Partridge was the eldest member of the entertainment staff and the only one to be called by his last name out of respect to for Victorian values. Mr Partridge was born in 1885. After leaving school he began a successful Music Hall career under the stage name of ‘Whimsical Willie the Juggling Joker’. At the height of his career he topped the bill at the Holborn Empire and performed for King George V in the Royal Command Performance at Windsor Castle. In 1914 he joined the British Army and fought on the Western Front until 1916, when he was badly wounded. He was shipped home to England but found that due to the nature of his injuries he was unable to return to his Music Hall career and tried a brief period as a comic, travelling the American circuit in New Orleans. He then returned to England and started up a children’s entertainment business, performing Punch and Judy shows and magic tricks as Willie the Wizard. The business was a success and Mr Partridge found himself highly in demand performing for wealthy and respectable families. In 1940, Mr Partridge left his business and joined ENSA, performing as a comic entertaining the troops in North Africa and France. After demobilisation in 1946, Mr Partridge found the demand for his services had dwindled and he was forced to take a job as Children’s Entertainer at the newly re-opened Crimpton-on-Sea Maplins Holiday Camp. As the years wore on, Mr Partridge became dispirited by the lack of respect he received from the increasingly bad-mannered children who stayed at the camp. By the early 1950s he was drinking heavily and slipping into seasonal alcoholic benders, and regularly taking it upon himself to discipline the unruly children in a harsh and often violent manner. He is often asked why he is a children's entertainer if her dislikes children so much, a question which remains unanswered. At one point he tried to strangle a boy who was spoiling one of his shows, and it was left up to Ted to save Partridge's job. During the 1960 season he became involved with a pub landlady, faked his own death and left the camp to live with her in Cornwall.