Holiday Rock - The Hi-De-Hi Wiki
Hi De Hi character
Spike Dixon
Nationality English
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Job Camp Comic
Actor Jeffrey Holland
First Hey Diddle Diddle
Last The Wind Of Change

Spike was born on September 12 (year unknown) and brought up in Edgbaston with his childhood sweetheart Brenda, the daughter of the local butcher. After leaving school he gained a good position in the Income Tax Office, but resigned in 1959 and joined the entertainment staff at Maplins. It is not known how long he had known Ted, but they were already well-acquainted by the time they travelled on the train to the camp and it was suggested that it was Ted who got Spike the job. Spike shared a chalet with Ted, and there were many humorous scenes between the pair in their chalet, such as Spike being kept awake by Ted's snoring. Spike often tried to branch out into his own style of comedy, designing and making his own costumes and funny sequences. These received mixed reactions from the campers, but Ted criticised almost all of them. Spike was an incredibly honest and law-abiding man, and was the only member of the entertainment staff who didn't run his own scheme to scam the campers for money. Although he was loyal to Ted and willing to turn a blind-eye to his schemes, he was often shocked at the lengths Ted would go to in order to make money. Spike had to make an impossible choice between his job and the woman he loved during the 1959 season, when his girlfriend, Brenda, said she would only marry him if he gave up his job and went to work for her father's business. He chose his job and ended their relationship. During the 1960 season he became involved with April, one of the new Yellowcoats. At the same time, Spike also fell in love with Gladys, but this never amounted to anything. He continued his relationship with April, and she wanted him to leave Maplins and go back to the Income Tax Office so they could get married and have a steady income. As with Brenda, he again decided against this in favour of show business. It was left unknown what Spike intended to do after the 1960 season, but he revealed he was going to join Ted over Christmas playing a Chinese policeman in a pantomime.