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Hi De Hi character
Sylvia Garnsey
Nationality English
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age 25/26
Job Yellowcoat
Actor Nikki Kelly
First Hey Diddle Diddle
Last The Wind Of Change

Sylvia was born in 1934 in Littlehampton, and by 1959 she was the second-longest serving Yellowcoat at the camp. Known for her long legs and attractive appearance, she regularly clashed with Gladys over Jeffrey Fairbrother. Sylvia was a qualified swimming instructor, and enjoyed flirting with both Jeffrey Fairbrother and Clive Dempster. She won the most popular girl Yellowcoat competition during the 1959 season, the winner of which would be given the chance to work at a new Maplin camp in the Bahamas. She believed she had beaten Gladys for the first time in five years - she did not know that the vote was in fact tied, and Fairbrother gave the win to Sylvia so Gladys could stay with him at the camp. The tension between her and Gladys lasted throughout both seasons, although it mellowed slightly towards the end of the 1960 season - Gladys suggested Sylvia should replace her as Chief Yellowcoat when she moved to Australia. However this never happened due to the modernisation of Maplins and the abolition of Yellowcoats after the 1960 season.