Holiday Rock - The Hi-De-Hi Wiki
Hi De Hi character
Ted Bovis
Nationality English
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Job Camp Host
Actor Paul Shane
First Hey Diddle Diddle
Last The Wind Of Change

Ted was the camp host and was very popular with the campers. He ran every event - the Entertainment Manager just introduced the events. He was born in November 1916 and grew up in an orphanage. Little is known about his early life except that he was one of the four Mississippi Minstrels performing at ‘The Palace’ at Attercliffe and had served in the army during the war. He joined Maplins upon demobilisation in 1946, and has returned every season since. He spent the winter months performing at the Ideal Home Exhibition and the Motor Show. He married Hilary (Rikki Lee) in 1951 but they separated soon after and later divorced. He was always running scams to cheat the campers out money, which included fake birthdays, raffles, fund-raisers and rigged bingo. One of his most memorable schemes was selling tickets for male campers to view a pornographic film in the middle of the night. Jeffrey Fairbrother tried his best to put a stop to these schemes, but Clive Dempster supported them and often got involved. Ted shared his chalet with Spike throughout the entire sitcom, also briefly with Barry when Yvonne threw him out, and later with Julian Dalrymple-Sykes. Both Barry and Julian hated their time in Ted's chalet due to his disgusting habits. In a later episode, Ted fell in love with Betty (Caroline Dennis), one of the young female campers. He planned to marry her, leave Maplins and form an act with her, but he called it off after he discovered she had been offered a scholarship which she hadn't told him about, and he didn't want to hold her back. Throughout the series, Ted regularly stated that he hated his job at Maplins, as he believed his talents were wasted on the lower classes who holidayed there. He often tried to better himself by performing as a comedian at upper class functions, most of which were unsuccessful. When Maplins modernised after the 1960 season, they no longer required a Camp Host - it was left unknown what the future held for Ted. He revealed that over the winter he had secured a job demonstrating a new potato peeler in supermarkets, and was going to play a Chinese policeman in a pantomime over Christmas. Despite his regular claims that he hated his job as Camp Host, Ted was genuinely upset to leave Maplins.