Holiday Rock - The Hi-De-Hi Wiki
Hi De Hi character
Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves
Nationality English
Gender Female
Hair Ginger
Age 45/46
Job Dance Instructor
Actor Diane Holland
First Hey Diddle Diddle
Last The Wind Of Change

Yvonne was born in Southport in 1914, the daughter of a floor-walker at the Waring & Gillow Department Store. Yvonne was incredibly supercilious and believed she was socially above all other members of the entertainment staff, with the exception of Jeffrey Fairbrother and Clive Dempster. It is questionable why she actually worked at Maplins, as she believed it to be a "dreadful, common place". It is assumed that she behaved in this way to hide a somewhat promiscuous youth. She met Barry when they were staying in digs together in Sunderland, but after a brief affair she became involved with a Hungarian Acrobat from the Magya Trio and became pregnant. When he found out he left her and joined ENSA. She then returned to Barry and he agreed to marry her, taking her home to be looked after by his family. It is not known what happened to the child. Barry and Yvonne later became professional ballroom dancers. During the war Yvonne worked as an Auxiliary nurse in a military hospital, and it was during this time that she met Julian Dalrymple-Sykes, and there is a suggestion that they had an affair. It was during the war that Yvonne and Barry became ballroom champions, winning many trophies for their performances, although Ted believed they only became champions because there was no competition, as most of the men were away fighting. Yvonne and Barry's careers took a downturn after the war and in 1956 they were forced to join Maplins as Dancing Instructors. She always tried to keep her dignity and high-class values while at Maplins, but this was not made easy when she was forced to participate in the entertainment events. Yvonne disliked most of the entertainment staff, Ted Bovis and Mr Partridge in particular. She referred to Ted's money-making schemes as "petty", although she and Barry ran their own scheme selling cheap dancing shoes to campers for high prices. She was left heartbroken after Barry abandoned her for unknown reasons during the 1960 season, but she quickly recovered when Julian Dalrymple-Sykes arrived to replace Barry. She rekindled her relationship with Julian during the remainder of the season, but she never allowed him to become too close. After the end of the 1960 season they went travelling to dance in famous places across the world.